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Note: The directory is limited to businesses that are owned and operated within the Township of Lake of Bays and is not a comprehensive listing of all businesses that serve the area. Businesses in neighbouring Municipalities located near the Township boundary are included. The business directory is intended to serve as a resource for residents, businesses and visitors. The Township of Lake of Bays does not guarantee the accuracy of any listing or external website.

Would you like to be added to the Business Directory? Contact the Economic Development Coordinator or register to manage your own listing.

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When we live life mindfully, we can truly be present and fully invested in the moments that make up our days.

This is especially true when we approach the spaces where we spend the majority of our time. Once established in an organized space, whether our home or office, it can motivate us to excel in other areas in our lives. Light-filled surroundings set the stage for the multi-sensory, where a once dusty nook now brims with airiness, openness and breath. 


When we aren’t distracted by the clutter, and the daunting procrastination that comes with it, we can focus on enjoying our spare time cultivating relationships and investing in our wellbeing. Free your space and the rest will follow. 

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